Who am I?

Do you see a bachelor of science or
a master life coach?

Do you see a mountain biker
climbing the tallest mountains?

Do you see a cycler
riding 200 kms around lake Balaton?

Do you see a warrior when
I hold my sword in my hands?

Do you see the poet
writing until I run out of ink?

Do you see the nerd
interested in blockchain, scifi, AI?

Do you see the speaker
sharing his views?

Do you see the camera man
staying in the shadows?

Do you see the reader
always holding a book?

Do you see the colleague who was fired
because he choose to?

Do you see a plant based or a vegan
taking care of nature?

Do you see a friend
who listens to everything?

Do you see a son
who makes others proud?

Do you see a father
breaking the abusive patterns?

Do you see the person
who inspires others daily?

Do you see the crazy one
who immerses in ice water?

Do you see the yogi
flexible like bamboo?

Do you see the meditator
sitting in the backyard?

Do you see the dancer
playing out the rhythm of Csárdás?

Do you see the gentleman
giving flowers to the loved one?

Do you see the gardener
watering silently?

I’m all of these
and none of these
It’s your choice how you see me

I’m your smile when you see the sunset
I’m the ray of sun warming your skin
I’m the bleeding heart of someone you hurt
I’m the clean water that you drink from
I’m the green grass under your feet
I’m the energy freeing you daily
I’m the beggar you chose to ignore
I’m the child that you hug for a long time
I’m the planet dying from your hands
I’m the purring cat that you caress
I’m the sound of silence reaching your ears
I’m the amazement of your self-mystery
I’m the smell of rose on a hot summer day
I’m the touch on your shoulder in the moment of grief
I’m the colors of the eye of your partner
I’m the sweet taste of grape on a late September day
I’m your courage to do the important things
I’m you and you are me
that’s all that ever was
I’m love and you are love
that’s all I can give

One last question I wanted to ask
this defines everything in your life
I will ask it in a moment

Who are you really?