Positive impact notebooks


This project was inspired by my trip to Trinidad, Cuba. In one of the apartments where I’ve stayed there was a notebook full with tips related to what to visit, which restaurants are great nearby, etc. This idea mixed with an idea from a podcast to share a positive thing resulted in the Positive Impact Notebooks!

Dear traveler,
We all have our own journey on this planet, however, we breathe the same air, feel the same sunshine, same wind. We talk and connect on a deep level. We all share challenges and great moments! We are all connected!

The Goal

The goal is to share something positive in these notebooks. It could be your thoughts, poems, quotes, drawings, cards, anything that you could add / glue in. Be creative! The notebooks are passed on from person to person.

How it works

Once you receive a positive impact notebook, please read it, get inspired, then add your message and pass it to one of your friends. Please don’t keep the notebook very long as others would like to read it too 🙂

Once the notebook is full, I’ll kindly ask the last person to post me back the notebook, so I could share it in a video! Please make a photo/video of your message and post it on social media adding #positiveimpactnotebooks

Next steps

Please check back here, to get more updates on this project. However, the easiest to follow the project is to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the bell icon so you’ll be notified of my new videos.

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