Experience the Creative Entrepreneur Mindset workshop

Next date: TBD (GMT +1, Zurich)

  • One thing that stops you from taking action
  • How to think like a creative entrepreneur – even if you don’t plan to be one
  • Accepting your fears

Place: Zoom call with video, limited group size

What you’ll learn in the workshop

  • What stops you from taking action? Recognize – Overcome!

The hero’s journey

“I want to be the coach that I would have needed when I wanted to transform my life.”

― András Kapros

You are a hero!

If you are here, it means that you are interested in learning, it means that you are ready to change yourself. That is an amazing step and you are already on the path to change your life forever!

My mission is that you

  • Feel more motivated
  • Have a great amount of energy
  • Feel that you have a purpose

Imagine your path, your journey that is full of adventures, being lost, seeking, finding, crossing roads with others, separating. It’s like a circle of life. Being born, growing, and then dying. If we are courageous enough, we go forward, we learn, we grow. If we are staying comfortable, we might be stuck in the same position or might be walking around in circles for years.

Be brave, look forward, and make that first step into your future that leads to harmony, a great amount of energy, and motivation!

I know that it is challenging sometimes, however, if you get out of your comfort zone every day, you will find that your goals are flying towards you, in no time. You’ll be surprised how the universe aligns itself so that you can reach your goals and dreams.

You might not believe it yet, however, you’ll see and use those opportunities that you haven’t seen before. This leads to an amazing feeling of purpose, can-do mentality, and will motivate you to do even bigger things!

I’m sure you’ve felt like this before. It is the experience that I have in the past two months, compared to being stuck for a year, not starting my business, and waiting for others to support me. 

Make that first step in the direction of your dreams and join our community of heroes! Together we stand, divided we fall! #makeitcount

What other heroes say about my work


“I attended Andras’ Creative Entrepreneur Mindset workshop and I was very impressed with his sincerity, transparency, and his obvious desire to be of help. He shared some ideas that helped me see the need for gaining more clarity around my vision not only for my business ideas but for my overall life as well.” – Robert


“For me the best “aha” moment was a question regarding the fears topic: “is it true?” I think we all have fears, but not all are real. This question helps us recognize the difference.” – Nóra


“It wasn’t even a goal but I wanted to have someone who I would be accountable to because I have some problems being accountable to myself. András listened very carefully, and I think he understood where I was coming from but instead of filling that role that I’ve requested him to, he gave me the tools to become both sides of this so I would become accountable to myself and I’m thankful for that!… I go for a run, now it’s the hundred and second day consecutive which to be honest I didn’t think I would be able to do when I started this.” – Aleks


“It was really useful for me to help to clarify the vision for my business and he helped me to stay accountable for my vision and goals. I really enjoyed the process and it really helped me to achieve my goals and vision with my business. ” – Renáta


“I am Kiran, an ascension coach, and a former biology researcher. I worked with András for a little bit more than two months and that was a really great experience which really helped me to ground myself and find more peace and stability in my life. András gave me every week some small tasks to do and finally, I realized I was able to do a lot more of what I was able to imagine. ” – Kiran

Why me?

Beginners mind – A flexible mind is a healthy mind. I’ve started to grow my business recently, and I truly believe that keeping the openness, willingness to learn, the flexibility of my mind to change quickly is a great asset. I’m not grasping and holding to ideas. I’m learning every day from my clients, from people I meet on the street, from friends, and from those few inspirational persons that I find worthy to watch and read from them.

Curious approach – You have the best answer already. I never look at someone and say you have problem X, take this pill and it will be good for you. I am listening and asking you – what is your idea for the next step? I’m simply coming up with interesting questions. If we figure out the real challenge under the surface, we can find the real answer as well.

Holistic approach – You are whole. We can’t separate the mind, body, and spirit. Your mental and physical health defines how great do you feel at work and how efficient you are. Your diet, sleep, or exercising (or lack of) defines how much energy you can put out every day. What you think about every day clearly defines many aspects of your life. My approach is to dig deep, figure out the root cause, and improve it until continually.

Transparent approach – Integrity, authenticity. Today, we live in a world where I could become a best selling author for 5000 francs (I got an offer for this). I could get my photos taken with the most influential persons for a few thousand. I’m choosing not to do these things. My path might be longer, and more challenging, I love that, I love my journey. I’m quite sure that I’ll learn a lot more if I don’t take the shortcut, so I can help you the best possible way during our work together.

“I know the goal until I reach it the hundredth times. It doesn’t change a thing. What is the goal? The goal is the end of the glorious fight. Reaching the goal is death, life is struggle. The goal of the man is this struggle itself. “

― Imre Madách: Tragedy of Man

Are you ready to make the next step for an amazing life?