Focus: A guide for a stress-free life

Review by Christian H. Rating: 5 star
Andras highlights many aspects of life from a different perspective and shares a lot of his personal private and business experiences. He gives us the opportunity to think about ourselves, our daily routines and our live in general – always in a positive and constructive way.
Encouraging, inspiring and absolutely worth reading!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by everyday tasks?

Your mental and physical well-being matters a lot. If you are stressed you might have less energy and be less productive. My book is aiming to help you to be in control of your everyday activities and as a result, have less stress in your life, have more energy and be more productive.
One year ago I was not really productive and wasted a lot of time. I had a regular job, however, something was missing from my life. After working with my life coach, I’ve redefined my vision, wrote and published this book in three months and was feeling better than ever.
This feeling of having a vision and the feeling of well-being is what I would like to share. I hope that with the help of my book and courses, other people could benefit from my experiences and reach similar feelings of well-being and happiness.
I wish you good luck on your journey!

“It’s like an espresso shot.” – Daniela

     The Purpose of This Book
     Where Discipline Comes From
     Meditation–Why? How?
     Practice Mindfulness
     Know Your Values
Communicate effectively
     The basics
     Communicating in Your Professional Life
     Communicating in Your Private Life
Declutter your life
     Getting Things Done Method
     Zero In-box Method
     Clean Desk Policy
     Manage your time
Let your body thrive
     Sleep Well
     Nutrition Basics
     Why I Love Cold Showers?
     Optimize Your Office Space

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